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Better Names for Musicals

Book of Mormon: Everyone's A Little Bit Racist The Musical

The Drowsy Chaperone: The Great Gatsby with Less Death and More Gays and Spitting The Musical

Les Miserables: You Tried The Musical

Once: It's Okay to Cheat if You Sing About It The Musical

In The Heights: Being Poor Never Looked So Fun The Musical

Kinky Boots: Rent Doesn't Offend Anyone Anymore The Musical

Blood Brothers: Lik Dis If U Crie Evertim <3 The Musical

Matilda: Likable Annie The Musical

Newsies: Disney Characters Are Sexy Sometimes The Musical

Next To Normal: My Son Is Hotter Than My Husband The Musical

Spring Awakening: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The Musical

A Chorus Line: Clusterfuck The Musical

Message me if you want me to do your favorite.


I decided to do my face paint today, just for fun. I need practice, I haven’t done this in almost a year! But it’s not entirely terrible, so I’m pretty happy.

dat frowny face in the 3rd one though XD

I feel like being an introverted people-person is like being a lightweight wine connoisseur…it’s like, loving the experience, but I can only take so much…

Sick Burn


Barbarian: I will intimidate the evil tree with a face.

DM: You haven’t been able to hit the tree, what makes you think you can intimidate a semi-inanimate object?

Barbarian: Natural 20 

DM: …You shout something about its mother being tissue paper. It’s so psychologically beaten, it spontaneously combusts.  



wanna know what a cow looks like washed and blow dried?



that is what a cow looks like washed and blow dried


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My outfit for the Rocky Horror Picture Show auditions last week.

My outfit for the Rocky Horror Picture Show auditions last week.

In the corner of the room you see a small unlit iron brassiere.

Our DM mispronouncing the word ‘brazier' while describing a torture chamber (via outofcontextdnd)